Baby Grayson

Back in 2012 I had the honor of photographing the wedding of these two gorgeous people at the Wimbush House in Atlanta. And in March I got to meet their new baby Grayson! I love getting to meet my wedding couple’s babies, it’s always fun to see them again and catch up, and I love a little baby time. Grayson was a perfect little peanut, and didn’t fuss a bit about getting his picture taken. So here are a few pictures from their wedding, and the adorable photos of the new little one.RGP_4816 RGP_4748 RGP_4739 RGP_4682 RGP_4668 RGP_4659 RGP_4622 RGP_4611 RGP_4575 RGP_4535 RGP_4503 RGP_4496 RGP_4453 RGP_4449 RGP_4256 RGP_4222 RGP_4165 RGP_4136 RGP_3695 RGP_3612 RGP_3191 RGP_3132 PKP_8603 - Version 2 RGP_4691